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C2E2 2023!

Thanks for submitting!


My commission list is currently: CLOSED!

All commissions are single character!

These are my current Con style commission options and rates. ​

  • Head shot color with FULL COLOR Copic Markers on 7″x10" Art Board: $75

  • Head shot color with GRAYSCALE Copic Markers on 7″x10″ Art Board: $50

If you have Original Artwork that you would like hand-colored with Copic Markers, please email me for pricing and availability.

For commissions, please send email to:

with information listed below:

  • Your first and last name.

  • The name of character (and specific costume/era) you would like for that commission. 

  • At least 2 alternate characters (in case I am not able to fulfill your first character request. Certain actor/celebrity likenesses and possibly video game, anime, and certain movie/TV characters may be declined).

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